The Second.

August 17th 2017

No, I'm not 2

Yeah I didn’t keep that one post a week goal like I had said in the first blog post I wrote. It’s over a month later now. I thought I had everything figured out with integrating the blog into my unfinished website, but it took much more work that I had thought since this is a homemade WordPress site, so I never shared it directly. I had to familiarize myself with PHP and CSS again this morning though the tutorial I’m following before I could really get anything done. I’m a horribly slow coder, so it took me a lot of messing around all morning to get this silly thing set up how I want, just with the bare minimum of features. There’s still more I need to do, more buttons to add, etc…

By the way, if coding your own site/word press template is something you’ve ever been interested in, I highly recommend it, especially if you already have a little coding experience behind you. It’s not that hard. You have to dedicate more time than you would if you just used a pre-made WordPress template, but boy is it rewarding to be able to do almost literally ANYTHING and have a completely unique website to go with it. This is the tutorial I’m using by the way, it’s good.

Also it’s my birthday today. I’m 23.

It’s funny, for the first time ever, when someone asked me how old I was, I had to use a calculator to really make sure of how old I was. I had forgotten! I don’t think about ages anymore, at least not about my own. I never have any reason to anymore. Now that I’m past the 18 and 21 legal barriers and don’t have to worry about all that “restrictive adult stuff” I haven’t needed to worry about the exact number for a while.

This birthday really sprang up on me since I’ve been wrapped up in moving out of my apartment. I’m all done with Eastman classes now and only doing University classes though my Take Five “extra fifth year” program so it made sense to move closer to the University. Boy it was a lot of work. Funny thing is, they’re still renovating the new house we’re moving into. So my soon-to-be roommate Kevin Wang and I after moving all of our stuff are living in a temporary home, another house the same landlady owns, until the renovations are mostly done in about a week. It’s some serious renovations, they put in a new staircase yesterday. We’re not complaining. She lowered our rent in anticipation of this happening, the location is fantastic, and we’re getting a really nice house!

Kevin actually took off on a surprise flight to LA a few days ago. He was invited to a K-con convention though a popular Korean pop music reaction channel he’s a part of that one of the Eastman students runs (Classical Musicians React, it’s called. They react live to K-pop music videos and give commentary). His followers graciously paid for his entire plane ticket through a Gofundme. Crazy! I bring all this up because he’s vlogging his experience and he filmed us moving with his vlogging camera, so if you want to see some footage of us moving boxes, my messy old apartment, and an uncomfortable close-up of me rubbing an aloe plant on his arm, check out his video. It starts out with him reviewing some albums spontaneously, then goes on to us moving.

By the way, if you’ve read the first blog post, remember that play I was talking about that I’m writing and directing? It’s done now! It’s ready for rehearsals. Just sent the final draft to the appropriate administrative people a few days ago. A lot of my time now is spent reading about acting techniques, exercises, and physical theatre, preparing for rehearsals. It’s a lot of fun.

So what am I doing for my birthday? I don’t know. I’m writing this blog post. I’m messing around with/building my website. I did some shopping. I bought ice cream and a small chocolate cake for myself. So I’ll get to have that, which is nice. The last week has been so busy with moving I didn’t think to make any plans with anyone.

Okay cool, two blog posts. This took a month to write. Maybe I’ll make another, in like, two months?