Third one, I guess

September 10th 2017

And again it’s the discovery of another person’s blog post that drives me to write another one of these things. This time, it’s by one of the people I happen to be temporary living with. And it’s written really well too, like really well written, with a tone and style that far surpasses in what I could ever hope for in my own writing in depth and elegance.

Some context: the house that I’ve rented for the year is still being renovated with maybe a week or so more to go (it’s still up in the air). So I’ve been staying at a temporary place across the block that my landlord owns which has been shifting occupants since I moved in around three weeks ago.

I’ve been surprised by how often you don’t communicate with the people you live with in this setting. I’ve barely spoken a word to those I’m living with. Not because of any particular reason, there just never is a need to. For my housemates (and myself as well I guess) home is a place to be inward. To sleep, rest, read, shit, maybe cook, do whatever, but not be social. That’s for outside the house. So interactions between any of us are stripped of the bare necessities when we pass by one another. I only know my housemates as the fit guy who’s in the middle room who goes out wearing nice clothes and the well-traveled woman from across the kitchen who makes it a habit to turn off the lights when I’ve accidentally left them on. We have names of course, but we don’t need them inside. Just “hey” suffices.

Then again, I spend most of my time at home sitting at a table looking at a computer, looking busy. So I don’t ever look that social myself.

But yeah, stumbling on such an in-depth elegant blog post by the “well-traveled-one-who-lives-across-the-kitchen” was a shock after having only interacted with her a few times in depth.

(If you end up finding this: Hey. I’ll try and do a better job of keeping the lights off.)

Anyway. School. School is a thing that is happening now. School is happening. School has started. School. School is school. And boy taking all academic classes from the University is different from taking all Eastman classes. What’s expected of you is different. More in some ways, less in others. There’s more emphasis on readings and keeping to yourself. Less on innovation and individual creativity than Eastman classes.

I guess the thing to do would be to talk about each one in brief detail in a bulleted list. No particular order here.