A personal blog that I may update periodically.

Artist’s Statement?

January 1st 2018

An attempt at explaining my current creative trajectory as written for grad apps. Read »

An Ode to Attacking the Audience – A Reflection on mother!

September 21st 2017

A movie review? And an argument on the risks and rewards of "attacking the audience". Read »

A Reaction to a Trashy Facebook Video

September 10th 2017

A reaction/breakdown of one of those clickbaity videos we all have come across. This one however comes with a nasty manipulative twist... Read »

Third one, I guess

September 10th 2017

Third one. Living with strangers. Schooling with strangers. Schooling with school. School school school. Read »

No, I'm not 2

The Second.

August 17th 2017

It's the second one. Birthday, moving, Kevin... Read »

First Blog Post Ever Ever

July 9th 2017

My first blog post on this site. So very the very first. Such first. Wow. Read »