You are you?

I am a US born composer/musician/sound designer/writer/creator/multimedia-artist (exact title pending) that works primarily with music, but also in theatre, film, animation, interactive media, video games, game design, and technology. I’m currently in the Experimental Sound Practices & Integrated Media programs at CalArts (MFA). I studied music composition at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester NY (BM 2018).

The site is broken.

Sorry about that. The site is a work in progress. Maybe come back again later and it might be fixed.

What do you do?

I make things. Most of the things I make revolve around music in some way. I write music. I design sound for films. I make internet content. I make games. I write music for theatre. I write theatre too. I direct theater as well. And I do techy stuff, like working in Max MSP for example. You can watch and listen to examples on the Projects and Media pages.

How old are you?

I was born in 1994. So 24.

Where do you live now?

Valencia, CA

Who inspires you?

I keep a list of artists across different mediums who have significantly impacted how I view my own work in some shape or form. Here is an excerpt from that list:

How are you?

Not bad.

How can I see/hear your work?

Check the events page to see if anything is upcoming live near you. Otherwise, there’s plenty of materials you can view here on the Projects and Media pages.

Can I talk to you to do a thing?

You sure can. You can reach me at

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