Cascade was an interactive music installation, a collaboration between Marc and the Rochester Institute of Technology New Media Design. The goal was to encourage two individuals to create music together by touching two built acrylic touch screens made with a hacked infrared PS3 Eye-camera and a 5.1 speaker system.

Cascade was presented at the Imagine RIT festival in May of 2014.

The final results were…interesting…to say the least.

To be brutally honest: The results of this project were less than to be desired by my own standards. Among the heap of bugs and issues that were never fixed, players were not encouraged to work together to create music like we had hoped due to poor design decisions. But it was fun putting it together and I learned a lot about generative music design and collaboration through trial and error.

Here is the RIT group’s blog about the project:

It looked really cool too.

Here is an example of a generated song from the installation.

The majority of the musical elements, the notes, chord progressions, tempo, and non-melody notes, were procedurally generated.