A Chair is on Stage

A Chair is on Stage is a thirty minute theatrical work that parodies academia, creativity, and the search for authenticity.

This work was performed in November 2015 by Cody Müller as the Narrator and Bridget Kinneary as the musical performer.

An excerpt:

But ­ there’s still something here that’s bothering me. Yes. As wonderful as all of the possibilities of this chair are, even if they were true, there still is this…problem that I can’t seem to pinpoint. Yes, there definitely is a problem. But ah, what an interesting chair it is! How could there be anything wrong here? With all these textures, nooks, crevices, angles, imperfections, temperature differences, stains, smells, not to mention the imagination one could use in wondering the past life of this chair! Would another chair would do the trick? Or a couple more, maybe, ten? Yes! Wouldn’t another chair double the amount of detail? There would be even more possibilities left to ­-

[short pause]

[contemplative] One moment. I think I might understand what the problem might be. Yes, I think I know what it is now. There’s a good amount of detail here in this situation to be observed, real or imagined, yes, that’s quite undeniable. But even with all of that, all of that to see. There isn’t ­ enough. There needs to be…more. More possibilities. More detail. So that the people observing this art will be able to ­ yes…they will see it. And with all of its complexities, they will see these new possibilities, and they will ponder. Ponder all of its wonderful qualities, yes, its different possibilities. Its infinite beauty. Of course. How could they not enjoy this beauty? Is that not the ultimate goal of art such as this? Hm? For it to be beautiful? And therefore, enjoyable? Or ­ well, if not enjoyable, at least an invigoration of the senses, the feeling that one has been exposed to something wondrous? What else. What else does there need to be to complement this? What more should be added to this already wondrous moment, on this stage? What more? Hm. Perhaps…

A full script can be viewed here.