Eastman Mobile Acousmonium (EMA)

From the Eastman Mobile Acousmonium Facebook Event Page:

The Eastman Mobile Acousmonium (EMA) is an orchestra of mobile loudspeakers, based on an idea by Oliver Schneller. Each different in construction, shape, and sound, these custom-built speakers – referred to as specimen – tilt, turn and sway, leading to new experiences of perceiving sound in motion….During each hour-long performance, the audience is free to walk among the objects.

Participants: Gordon Fry, Ben Escobar, Alex Stephenson, Michael Frazier, Miles Friday, Marc Laroussini, Nikolas Jeleniauskas, Joe Nemer, Steven Yi, Heather O’Donnell, Oliver Schneller

Marc made a speaker that moves and jiggles around as moved by a connected servo and Arduino according to the sound that is put through it.

A documentary of the event is below. Marc and his contributions appear at 5:05.

Marc created the 24-channel work NAGANUMA_HOMAGE for all speakers in the installation. The piece uses samples ripped from the video game Sonic Rush and a Max patch that systematically sends the sound to all speakers in the space. A binaural stereo realization can be heard below.

(Note: Begins with about 5 seconds of silence)