Global Gam Jam 2017

The global game jam is an annual event that took place on the weekend of January 20 – 22 at the Rochester Institute of Technology: School of Interactive Games and Media. 14 developer teams at our local site were given a theme, (this year, Waves) and given 48 hours to come up with a small finished game.

Only two composers and one sound recorder, Marc included, showed up at the event. So they provided for all of the sound and music needs for the entire group of 80+ artists and programmers.  By the end of the event, Marc had seven different small games to put his name to where he could be credited as working on sound, music, or in many cases, both.

One game can be played directly in your browser!
Click below to play Swingy Dinghy.
(Won’t work on mobile, sorry!)

A dialogue based game that Marc was a part of named The Big Wave received some interesting recognition. A group made an wacky interesting little narrative game that involved the player listening in on a radio signal, a series of audio blips as recorded by the developers, and listening for terrorist threats on multiple radio channels.

The team later wrote a paper on the game’s minimal programing needs, it’s accessibility to colorblindness and the deaf, and how they constructed the game by hiding information from the player. They submitted the paper to the Second International Conference on Game Jams, Hackathons and Game Creation Events (ICGJ) and the entire team was invited to speak at San Francisco at the Github HQ a month later. They were additionally awarded a Best Of Showcase Award for their work.

Several members from the team of The Big Wave presenting at the Second International Conference on Game Jams, Hackathons and Game Creation Events (ICGJ) in San Francisco at the Github HQ.

Here is a sample of one of Marc’s contributions to the Big Wave.
The team had asked for “shitty carnival music”. He put this track together in about 20 minutes

Below is a goofy two player game about catching goats on a ship, where one player controls the boat and the other the waves. Marc did all sound work, including the voices.

Below is a clip of a stealth game for which Marc made a very quick “stealth gamey-ish” soundtrack.


Here are some sound samples that Marc helped record about a game where you’re a squid and you try to take down a ship .


Here is an excerpt of music from a rhythm space game. The idea was that the player would time their attacks to the beat based on a rhythmic hoard of enemies.


Here’s Marc making some very serious sounds for a very very serious game.


A page that has the list all of games in which Marc was involved (and links to download and play them if you dare) can be found here: