Rainforest IV

From the Memorial Art Gallery event page:

An immersive audio installation created by the Eastman Audio Research Studio (EARS) at the Eastman School of Music. Originally conceived by sound artist and pianist David Tudor in 1973, Rainforest IV is a sonic environment made of hand-made, uniquely designed sculptural objects suspended in space and fitted with electric transducers, turning them into resonant sound objects.

Marc took the old front door from his newly renovated house and fixed three transducers on it to make a resonating object for the installation.

A documentary of the event:

Marc contributed various sounds for the event which blended in with a pool of submitted sounds by all participants. Marc’s sounds included industrial sounds, animal noises, field recordings of the participants talking and preparing for the event, and (somewhat unorthodoxly) voices from popular culture, including the video games¬†Portal, The Stanley Parable,¬†and TV show Rick and Morty. A few samples can be heard below.

Rainforest IV Audio Example 1 (4:30)

Rainforest IV Audio Example 2 (5:43)

Rainforest IV Audio Example 3 (6:12)

A few photos from the event: (PC: Eastman Audio Research Studio & BioDance)