SiIvagunner (pronounced “See-va-gun-er”, the third letter is deceptively an uppercase i) is a group of content creators on the internet who create musical mashup and melody-swap videos on Youtube, creating remixes of mostly video game music. The group is invite-only based on high quality email submissions. Marc joined in early 2017.

The YouTube channel began in early 2016 as a “bait-and-switch” channel. Each video is formatted in the same way original unedited video game music soundtracks directly ripped from the game files were uploaded en mass to Youtube. SiIva’s name’s takes from the popular YouTube video game music channel GilvaSunner, who uploaded original tracks with an image of art from the game and a minimalistic list of track details in the description.

An example of a “High Quality Upload” from the original GilvaSunner.

Siivagunner videos will disguise themselves as the source they are impersonating, sometimes using a reasonable mix title like (OST version) or (Alpha Mix), but the music will have some sort of modification. Here is an example of one of Marc’s submissions that is a “mashup” of two sources: one, the above video from the Legend of Zelda, Lon Lon Ranch, and the other, a track from the indie pop band Kero Kero Bonito, Picture This, which begins with the same vocal sample as from the Zelda track.

SiIvagunner’s mashup of “Lon Lon Ranch” from the Legend of Zelda and
“Picture This” by Kero Kero Bonito.

Submissions need not be this intricate however. A video, or “rip”, can also take the form of a simple melody swap, where the melody of a track is simply replaced with another melody with little to no modifications. Here is an older example (Not by Marc) with the channel’s most popular running gag, the Flintstones theme.

A melody swap, putting the Flintstones theme into a popular track from the 1996 game Mario 64

Due to the large number of submissions, “rips” were traditionally released extremely quickly at one video every hour, sometimes more. However in the last year the channel has recently become more relaxed in it’s uploading speed to about one video every four hours. The team has also enforced a much stricter quality of control methods over time in efforts to keep videos in “high quality”.

Videos never outright explain what they are referencing in their rips. The channel instead leaves it up to their YouTube audience to figure it out themselves, usually by discussing it in the comments. This comes alongside with a general secrecy and mystery that SiIva enjoys, always leaving inside management and upcoming special events a close secret, keeping their fans on their toes without them knowing what will come next.

There are several running gags that are referenced so often they in a way become like operatic leitmotive. For example, along with the Flintstones theme, another popular running gag/meme is the tune from the Japanese pop song “Show Halation.”

A video starting at the Chorus of the J-pop song “Snow Halation”
followed by one of Marc’s short melody-swap of the tune.

Not often do videos have only one reference. One of Marc’s first rips was a seven minute medley of snow-related Christmas music based on a track from the game Undertale.

A Christmas video for a Christmassy kind of track.

Videos will also sometimes use video effects. Here is one of Marc’s submissions that gave homage to dj artist yaeji using a track from that game Nintendogs.

The tack “Street Marker” from “Nintendogs” on the left, along with it’s highy quality rip on the right.

Sometimes things can get pretty weird.

A track from “Sonic Rush” covered on the Kazoo.

Don’t ask.

Sometimes Marc will take the opprotunity to mash up unique artists and games. Here is a special rip that puts together a track from the psychedelic game “Pony Island” with SOPHIE’s “Ponyboy”.

A wild mix of electronic music.
The trained ear however will be able to hear many musical references added in.

Perhaps Marc’s most ambitious rip to date is a video that was done for a throwback event SiIvaGunner held where they uploaded rips in the “old style” when the channel was just beginning. For this event, Marc made a rip that comprised of several references to old videos and a remake of a popular track that comprised a mashup of all of the memes on the channel roughly in the order that they gained popularity.

On the left, an (embarrassingly bad) early video from the channel, with it’s remake on the right.

Much more can be said about this oddity of a YouTube channel. Explore the YouTube channel for yourself here:

Here is a playlist of every rip that Marc has contributed to the channel. To date, around 80 submissions have been approved and posted.
(All rips are uncredited. So you’ll just have to take his word for it that he made these.)

Visit here for more information on the timeline of SiIvagunner:

For more data than you’ll ever know what to do with, a wiki archiving information on individual rips, memes, events, and content contributors has been becoming rather large recently.